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Increase Motivation and Productivity With ...
Coaching Skills For Managers
For Managers Sales Managers ● Team Leaders
Increase motivation, productivity communications and teamwork.

Coaching skills for managers can save you time and multiply the productivity of your team. Use everyday coaching opportunities and develop your people while they work toward important goals.

With Coaching Skills For Managers you can ...

  • Multiply your nonverbal communication skills the building blocks of effective communications and relationships.

  • Develop your awareness for subtle unconscious changes in body language, facial expressions and voice tonality that signal how your message is being received from moment-to-moment.

  • Master three simple models covering most contexts: everyday coaching moments, giving specific feedback and requesting a new behavior (when change is non-negotiable.)

  • Increase motivation and mutual respect by activating higher level thinking systems including values and deeply held beliefs.

  • Clear mental blind spots and separate facts from interpretation.

  • Handle overwhelm and encourage ResponsAbility

  • Learn a two minute stress buster that will clear your mind, relax your body and increase clarity, focus and problem solving.

This is an in-house workshop so content may be expanded depending on the available time and outcomes of the group.  The scope is up to you!

Note: the public workshops offered this summer will be general and work for most coaching situations, including parenting.  
We'll also cover how to ...
  • Build commitment for the coaching process.

  • Generate quality questions when and where you need them.

  • Tap into the power of simple everyday language, sparking enthusiasm and increasingResponsAbility.

  • Separate the facts from opinion and judgment.

  • Use antidotes for Impossibility and Non-accountability stories.

  • Neutralize situations where people feel overwhelmed.

 See the Innergize Blog for 20 coaching questions for managers.


  • Motivate and inspire people to take action.

  • Eliminate the three most common roadblocks to performance.

  • Increase productivity by Keeping your team's energy focused on the important tasks.

  • Defuse emotional outbursts quickly (or avoid them altogether.) 

  • Increase trust and build stronger relationships for the future.

  • Manage your own time more effectively by knowing when to coach, when to manage, when to give expert advice.


Multiply the benefits of Coaching Skills For Managers
Coaching Inventory and Culture Scan

Measure seven critical coaching strengths before and after training.  Self scoring and 360 inventories target specific areas for improvement and track results over time. Use Culture scans to diagnose and influence team culture.
This is an in-house training adapted to the needs and interests of the group.

Creating a path for change ...

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